Petersfield Town Council comprises of 12 elected members and is very proud to be the first Town Council in Hampshire to be awarded the accolade of being a Quality Town Council.  As a Quality Town Council the Accreditation Panel confirm that Petersfield Town Council:

  • is representative of, and actively engages, all parts of its community, providing vision, identity and a sense of belonging;
  • is effectively and properly managed;
  • articulates the needs and wishes of its community;
  • upholds high standards of conduct;
  • is committed to work in partnership with principal local authorities and other public service agencies;
  • in proportion to its size and skills, delivers local services on behalf of principal local authorities when this represents the best deal for the local community;
  • works closely with voluntary grounds in its community;
  • provides leadership to the community through its work on parish plans (Petersfield Tomorrow);
  • working with its partners, acts as an information point for local services.

Your Local Councillors

Please feel free to contact any Town Councillors either by telephone, email or post, they will be delighted to hear from you and will endeavour to help with any matters you may wish to raise with them.

The Town Council Staff

Please do not hesitate to contact Town Council Staff who will be more than happy to advise you on any questions or enquiries you may have.

Representation on Outside Bodies

AS AT MAY 2015

Friends of Petersfield Heath – Cllr. Strawbridge
John Goodyer Trust – Cllrs. Deane & Vincent (incorporating Bishop Laney’s Charity)
Petersfield Open Air Heated Swimming Pool – Cllr. Humphries
Petersfield Town Partnership – Cllr. Farrow
Rotherlands Conservation Group – Cllr. Humphries
Twinning Committee – Town Mayor/Deputy Town Mayor
Petersfield Neighbourhood Plan – Cllrs Palmer, Strawbridge, Deane & Town Clerk
South Downs (Hants) Countryside Access Plan & Rights of Way Improvement Working Group – Cllr Humphries & Matthews
EHDC Community Forum – Cllr Deane (Cllr Farrow as understudy)
East Hants Assoc. of Parish & Town Councils – Cllrs Deane, Farrow, Morgans, Humphries & Matthews
Moviola Cinema – Cllr Farrow
EHDC Community Tasking Co-ordinating Group – Cllr Ayer
Petersfield Town Football Club – Cllr Orr
Petersfield Community Association – Cllr Ayer