It is with regret that Petersfield Town Council has been unable to secure Walls Funfair this year on the agreed Taro Fair Charter date of 6th October.  Under the arrangement with the Showmans Guild, it is not possible for another Fair to take the place of Walls Funfair, and therefore it will not be possible to hold a Fair this year.

Petersfield Town Council have made enquiries with the Showmans Guild to understand how this has happened, as the agreement of the charter is clear regarding the date of when the Taro Fair should take place, which is the 6th October each year.  Last year, Petersfield Town Council broke with tradition to allow the Fair to run over the weekend nearest the 6th October, but this year, the nearest weekend 6-8 October had been booked by Walls Funfair with another location, offering an alternative date to Petersfield Town Council of 29 September to 1October.  This would have been against the agreement made through the Charter, and would have moved completely away from the traditional roots of the Taro Fair.

Petersfield Town Council will continue its enquiry with the Showmans Guild, and consider alternative arrangements for 6th October 2018.