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With special thanks to our current users Penmans Antiques, Lion & Unicorn Players, Winton Players, Petersfield Theatre Group.  Petersfield Musical Festival, photo credits to Tracey Howe, Melinda Lightfoot, Colin Thornhill and Vernon Nash.


festival hall rebuild proposals


This is YOUR building  and YOUR opportunity to influence its future.

Having already consulted with current users of the facility, we want to open up to potential users so we can provide the widest variety of uses to benefit the whole community!

If you’ve seen this poster and followed the link then you’re on the right track to having your views heard.

This AUTUMN we would like to hear from YOU about our plans for this important community facility.

We will consider your feedback on Stage RIBA3 so we can progress to Stage RIBA4.


The story so far...



Stage 0

Strategic Definition

Business Case - Strategic Brief - Project Plan


Preparation & Brief

Project Brief • Feasibility Report • Product Initiation Document • Project Team • Risk Assessment


Concept Design

Concept Design • Visualization of Project Brief • Plans • Sections Elevations • Renders

We are consulting on ...



More detailed designs • Visualization • Asthetics


Structure • Fixtures & fittings such as windows/doors • Materials • Environmental Considerations



Considerations of..

rIBA stage 3


Why do you use the Festival Hall?

Or what would encourage you to use it?


What are your views on the proposed designs?

Is there anything we've missed?

DID YOU KNOW that we’re investigating ways in which we can make the building more eco-friendly?

  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Heating
  • Carbon Emissions

DID YOU KNOW that we want to expand the facility to accommodate a wider variety of uses?

Music Festivals
Tribute Groups
Sports Screening
Hobby Clubs & Classes
Variety of Films
Live Theatre Feeds
DJ Dance Festivals
More for Families

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the design proposals?

  • Changes to the Stage arrangement
  • Integration of an Orchestra Pit
  • Addition of viewing galleries
  • Repurposing office space

WHAT is all this going to cost?

This is an estimated summary of costings.

Work may be carried out on some or all of the zones.

ZONE 1: Two storey extension £1,609,000

ZONE 2: Rose Room & Lobby £1,015,000

ZONE 3: New foyer extension £757,000

ZONE 4: Technical upgrades to hall £1, 478,000

ZONE 5: Main Festival Hall/Backstage £3,397,00

ZONE 6: Town Hall Offices & Small Hall £1,788,00

ZONE 7: Festival Hall Chambers 1,218,000

ZONE 8: External Landscape £118,000

ZONE 9:  Energy Efficiency Upgrade £1,673,000

Where’s the money coming from?

We are actively exploring every opportunity to access funding for the Festival Hall project including grant applications.

Antiques Fairs
Wedding Receptions
Dinner Dances



here's what you've said
Quotes from the road

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"Would love to see the festival hall blossom and useable for more in the community."
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"I would like it to be like Farnham Maltings: variety of performance spaces, rehearsal and storage areas, gallery, café, craft rooms, exhibitions, quality professional theatre." "I would hope that it is run primarily to benefit the community and to provide good quality arts. I hope there will be a proper box office, publicity, someone with experience running it. Not using it to make as much profit as possible by prioritising corporate events and cheap performances. This town was once renowned for its arts and crafts and I think there should be a renaissance."
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"Need to keep it modern and fresh so it ages well."
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"Designs look good however, I recommend caution when proceeding with the final designs. I visit a lot of buildings where the local authority or group cannot afford to maintain the building because the architect or specifier has used expensive materials. A school that we worked on nearby were having to pay out £1800 to replace a single extravagant door because the glass has been smashed. Use good quality materials, buy cheap and buy twice after all. However realise that things will need to be replaced." "I would ask that you try to use local companies to undertake the works. My business is based in Petersfield and quite often we do not get a opportunity to work on local developments. How can that be fair we employ a lot of people in this area who in turn are contributing to our local authority."
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"More sports events screenings."
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"Upgraded sound & lighting capabilities - currently the sound quality & ability to support personal microphones for musical productions is woefully inadequate. Light rigging for shows is a laborious process due to lack of permanent facilities." "I thought the sunken auditorium seating was rather ambitious - is it really necessary? Seating arrangements need to allow for wheelchairs & people with mobility challenges." "Remember that this is a facility for for the local community - it is not Chichester FT. It has to be AFFORDABLE to local groups that currently rely on additional takings from the bar, tea & coffees, ice cream & programme sales to supplement their income in order to be able to perform at all."
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"A vital community hub, a centre for all forms of art and the potential to become even more of a focus for the town." "All of that with it has done in the past and new uses as society evolves in the post-covid era, with substantial discounts for locally based charity and not-for-profit organisations." "In an ideal world, the whole scheme would be implemented, including the options for the stage/orchestra pit, but I recognise this is very expensive. Perhaps grants might be available to cover some of these costs from trusts etc that support the performing arts in all its forms?" "Although expensive, I see this as an opportunity to establish a really vibrant centre for the next 20 or 30 years, and over that sort of timescale this is a project that looks worthwhile for the future of the town. It would be a centre for arts of all sorts potentially for the whole of the South Downs National Park with good public transport connections, and thus a unique facility within the park boundaries. One needs to think far ahead with some vision and ambition!"
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"More one off live performances from artists would be amazing - taking steam from the success of Chichester festival theatre but otherwise the range of uses is excellent." "Any money being used to improve such a vital part of the community is welcome."
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"Providing gigs and other such music that caters for a younger audience would encourage me to go more often. Comedy evenings would also be appealing if there was a range of variety."
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"More live performances, food and drink events, chances for Petersfield small businesses to show off their wares, art shows, spaces for community/clubs to hire."
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Programs for kids. Theatre or other entertainment, dance.
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"Live music, there are no proper venues for upcoming bands, local bands or established bands that can offer the capacity or the atmosphere." "The development should invite younger people into the planning process, not only to introduce them to the environment but to make sure it offers what young people want."
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"Some small scale gigs would be good, encouraging local bands to put on shows and helping the music community grow."
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"There is a huge opportunity to make great use of this building and bring Petersfield together for lots of different purposes. I’m excited by the proposals and hope the projects can all be funded and executed as it will bring a real buzz to our town."
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"Good to see that carbon emissions are seen as important." "Nice to have but extraordinarily expensive and not the best use of limited town council funds."
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"Having visited the hall today for my second COVID vaccination I feel that to see a community pulling together are struggling with dates furnishings & buildings was a shame. Therefore I think if the local community could get behind this idea it would be of great benefit not only to the local area in terms of prosperity but also in opportunities & practical use of the venue!"
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"More musical events especially from ethnic cultures." "The kitchen urgently needs improving as very unhygienic at present. Good lighting for exhibitions that is NOT theatre lighting as when on all day they get very hot; yet good lighting for exhibitions is vital." "The hall is vital to the cultural life of Petersfield and is sadly missed at present as out of use for cultural events which make Petersfield such an interesting place to live."
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"Concerts, yoga sessions, craft markets?" "More natural light would make the venue more attractive for day time events but this may not be possible."
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"Cinema, theatre, local bands, concerts." "Good idea to renovate."

feedback time!

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