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“Petersfield Town Council stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine following the invasion of their country by Russia. Personally, I’m horrified by the events taking place. Our thoughts are with all those who are affected by this dreadful conflict. Our thoughts also go to those who have loved ones living in Ukraine. I’m sure the residents of Petersfield will want to do whatever they can to help the people of Ukraine at this very difficult time.”

Hosting Ukrainian Guests in Petersfield or surrounding villages?

Hampshire Ukrainian Community
Standing Shoulder to Shoulder with the People of Ukraine
Petersfield Pulse: Stand With Ukraine

Dedicated (private) Facebook Group for Ukrainian Refugees in Petersfield and surrounding villages.

Спеціальна (приватна) група у Facebook для українських біженців у Пітерсфілді та навколишніх селах.

Специальная (частная) группа Facebook для украинских беженцев в Питерсфилде и близлежащих селах.

The Salvation Army

Ukraine Crisis Appeal

Petersfield Map with Ukrainian Key:

TPC are no longer accepting donations at their depot on Bedford Road!

Stopped donations due to overwhelming support!

Residents wishing to help are encouraged to make financial contributions via DEC Ukraine Appeal.


If we are asked to provide homes for Ukraine refugees, we will help to the best of our abilities.

Last Sunday we prayed for Ukraine, Russia and the leaders of the nations, that they may find a way of peace and justice.

There are difficult times ahead, but there is something much bigger at stake: freedom, democracy and the right of nations to exist.

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