image of love lane playing fieldsThis area is the home of Petersfield Town Juniors Football Club who use the pitches, including a mini soccer pitch, for over 300 youngsters who belong to the club. They have use of an excellent Sports Pavilion, which was built for the Club by the Town Council.

Petersfield Town Football Club also have a football enclosure including a football stand, floodlights and clubhouse at Love Lane.

A skateboard park has also been provided at this site and is extremely well used by both skaters and BMX’ers.

skate bowl at love lane
skate park at love lane
skate park at love lane

Sadly not everyone wants to use the Skate Park for what was intended, so to keep this area beautiful and safe, the Town Council have installed CCTV cameras.

sign indicating that c c t v is used in this area

Summary of Facilities


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