The Town Hall and Festival Hall Complex has been in need of some remedial work for many years, and in particular, the ‘temporary extension’ that was built to the right hand side of the Town Hall & Festival Hall back in the early 1970’s. This area is adjacent to the Rose Room and contains the current Kitchen, Meeting/Storage Room and Toilets.

Foster Wilson Architects were appointed in July 2017, and a Feasibility Study was carried out based on Town Hall User feedback.  This provided information to shape the first Feasibility Study Report produced in December 2017 which can be viewed here

Members of the Public Halls Committee and Foster Wilson Architects held a Public Consultation Day which took place at the Town Hall on 16th June 2018, so that general public feedback, as well as user feedback could be received.

The Public Consultation provided a good level of detail, which enabled Foster Wilson Architects to go away and work on new drawings, and produce the first set of RIBA 2 designs.  A summary can be viewed here

In conjunction with the RIBA 2 design, a presentation was given by Foster Wilson Architects at the Public Halls meeting in January 2019, which included further drawings and historical information, and this can be viewed here

The next step was to carry out a wider public consultation across the town, so that as many members of the public could be  encouraged to give their views on what work should be carried out to make the Festival Hall complex future proof, and become available to a wider audience and range of events.  Petersfield Festival Hall
Stage 2 Design Report Summary

The final public consultations were held at the Festival Hall on Saturday 19 October 2019.  This provided public with an opportunity to hear presentations from our architects.

As part of RIBA stage 2, Petersfield Town Council employed the services of ACL Consultancy Solutions Ltd to provide advice on possible options and programme which could be run additionally at the Festival Hall to support the future and funding of this Petersfield Town asset.  A draft of this report was produced much earlier, and it was recognised that further work was needed to provide a report that also gave some indications of direction, as well as information and requirements. viewed here.

RIBA 2 Concept Design public consultation was completed on 10 November 2019, and the Town Council are now exploring how much of the current Concept Design, which would currently cost £8.6m, should be taken into the next stage which is RIBA 3.  This is being discussed through a Project Working Party who are preparing discussion papers for review in Public Halls Committee meetings.  If you would like to follow this project, then you are very welcome to join us at the Public Halls committee meetings to hear this major project being discussed.

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