The Pond Bank Stabilisation ‘Public Consultation’ was completed, comments were brought together and a tendering document was created.  The tendering document was opened up to tendering bids.

This will recover the areas where the bank has eroded and replace lost biodiversity.

Petersfield Town Council went through the tendering process for the Pond Band Stabilisation, and had received 8 initial quotes which were shortlisted to 4.  The 4 shortlisted companies made a presentation to members of the Grounds Committee and Officers on 2nd August and a recommendation of the preferred contractor will be made to the Grounds Committee on 12th September.

19th September 2019 Petersfield Town council awarded Five Rivers the contract to carry out the Pond Stabilisation work.

It is hoped that the work will commence in the Autumn of this year, with planting work happening during late Spring 2020.

Five Rivers Timeline

17/10/2019 – Topographic Survey Completed
Topography is the study of the shape and features of land surfaces

22/10/2019 – Bathymetric Survey Commences
Bathymetry is the study of underwater depth of lake or ocean floors. In other words, bathymetry is the underwater equivalent to hypsometry or topography.

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