Each year, parish and town councils across the Hampshire region can be entered into a competition for website and social media efforts.  This year Petersfield Councillors nominated the Petersfield Town Council website, newsletter and social media engagement to be considered.  We were delighted to learn that we had won ‘best website 2021’ and on 25th November 2021 we were presented with our shield and certificate awarded by Hampshire Area Local Councils (HALC) representative Jane Ives who is also the Town Clerk at Greatham.

Our website is looked after by our Events and Media Officer Kathryn Ellis-Blandford who said:

We began building the new website back in 2018 and it has certainly been a labour of love. There are statutory requirements for information which must be available on a parish council website and which require continual review. Aside from the 'must haves' I have been fortunate to have had a team who equally support my 'nice to haves' posts and pages on which I can explore creative opportunities to make content engaging and interesting. Since PTC picked up tourism for the area we have also managed to incorporate information and advice signposting. The key element of importance to me is being able to educate public about the 'what', 'when', 'who' and 'how' of local council, enabling us to better service the Petersfield community.

Petersfield Town Council Wins Website Award

Petersfield Town Council are delighted to announce that they have won the ‘e-mango Shield’ for Best Local Council Website in Hampshire at the Annual General Meeting of the Hampshire Association of Local Councils (HALC) held on Saturday 6 November 2021. This is an Annual Award and judged externally.

Of note they applauded the information and signposting on welfare related matters within our community.  They were also impressed with the presentation of the Festival Hall redevelopment plans and the Public Consultation Roadshow aspects in particular.

It was noted that entries for this Award held a remarkably high bar with most Parish and Town Councils now having a high standard of presentation.

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