Petersfield Town Council is now working with South Downs National Park Authority carrying out an eco study and management plan.

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“The Council purchased the 35 acre Goodyer Meadow site, which is situated to the rear of the new Causeway Farm development and Sussex Road in early 2019 at a cost of £275,000. The purchase was funded from the proceeds it received from the sale of land at Penns Field for the housing development.  This land was designated within the Petersfield Neighbourhood Plan as ‘proposed designated green space’ and demonstrates the Council’s tangible commitment to delivering the policies and aspirations of the Neighbourhood Plan.

There are currently a number of studies taking place which have so far included ecological, hydrological, soil and geology.   Initially, the council plans to develop the site into a Country Park allowing native wild flowers to flourish in a meadow type of environment whilst enhancing the footpath access to the land that currently exists.  In the short term, fencing and gates have been installed to facilitate and enhance movement around the site for the public and for ongoing maintenance.  In time, we will also introduce information boards which will provide historical information about John Goodyer.

The Council recognises the importance of this site historically as well as wishing to protect it for future generations to enjoy its flora and fauna.  The site provides wonderful access to the downs and hangers around the town and offers tremendous potential as a venue for both residents and visitors alike to come and enjoy our marvellous town.”

Goodyer Meadow (Causeway Field) Boundary Marked in Blue

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