Festival Hall Refurbishment Project

Petersfield Town Council are investigating ways in which we can make the building more eco-friendly as part of the Festival Hall Refurbishment Project.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels up top!

The roof of Petersfield Festival Hall is already equipped with panels from which we have been enjoying renewable energy for almost ten years.

Pesticide Policy

Petersfield Town Council is committed to reducing its use of Pesticides.

South Downs National Park

Dark Skies Reserve

Hampshire County Council Climate Action

Heath Project

Heath Pond Enhancement & Pond Bank Stabilisation.

Green Energy

How we’re reducing our carbon footprint.

Free Refill Station

Town Hall signs up to the global network of places to reduce, reuse and refill.

Climate Action Groups

Petersfield Climate Action Network.

Continued Improvements

We have committees set up to address climate change issues and a dedicated officer who can be contacted at climate@petersfield-tc.gov.uk.  All climate issues are discussed within the Town Development Committee, minutes of which can be found here.

We are continually investigating ways in which we can reduce our carbon footprint and protect our environment.

2050 Carbon Neutral

Increased Winter Rainfall

Increased Winter Rainfall

Expected that precipitation in the Winter will increase by up to 35% by 2080.

Sea Levels Rising

Sea Levels Rising

Sea levels in the South East is expected to rise by up to 30 centimeters by 2040.

Higher Temperatures

Higher Temperatures

The average Summer temperature in the South East is expected to rise by 1-4 degrees centigrade under 2 degrees centigrade global warming.

More Extreme Weather

More Extreme Weather

More frequent Winter storms and greater near surface wind speeds.

Increased Water Scarcity

Increased Water Scarcity

The South of England will experience more dry Summers, with a 20-60% precipitation reduction under 2 degrees centigrade global warming.

Natural Habitat Loss

Natural Habitat Loss

27% of native UK species are at a medium to high risk of decline by 2080.

What can I do?

Together we can make a difference.  The things we do in our daily lives – how we travel and power our homes, the stuff we buy and then dispose of are all affecting climate change.

Making simple, everyday changes can help save money, create healthier lives and reduce our carbon footprint.

What is your Carbon Footprint?

Calculate yours!

Electric Cars

What you need to know about them.

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