Petersfield Town Council makes grants to organisations each year. The sum involved is set by the Council during its usual budget process. The grants are to assist local organisations and clubs with projects or costs. All organisations or clubs receiving these grants must fulfill the Council’s Grant Service criteria (please refer to the Grants Policy Document link below for full details).

Grants are divided into 3 categories, termed Perennial, Community and Capital.

  • Perennial Grants:
    These are a special category of grants given annually to a set of organisations which are judged to contribute to the whole community and which are not usually capable of covering their full running costs; these grants may be used as part of these.
  • Capital Grants:
    These are grants in excess of £3,000 that are awarded to community groups, organisations or clubs that are seeking to undertake capital projects of varying descriptions.
  • Community Grants:
    These are grants towards smaller projects.  Community grants are usually only available up to £1,500 but in exceptional circumstances, and where the budget allows, this could be increased up to £3,000.  Applications for Community Grants are considered in three tranches and must be submitted by either 1st May, 1st September or 1st January.  Please note that each organisation can apply up to twice per year for a Community Grant.

Exceptional Circumstances Grants may be applied for by a local organisation to assist with their running costs where the organisation can show that it has been severely affected by such an exceptional circumstance.  Grants in such exceptional circumstances will not normally exceed £1,000.

Applications forms are available to download below, or can be collected from the Town Hall Offices. If you would like further information regarding grants then please contact Projects & Office Manager, Stephen Field on 01730 264182.

Applications can be emailed to the Committees Administrator,

Forms to be downloaded

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