Petersfield in Bloom 2021

Welcome to Petersfield in Bloom 2021!

Petersfield Town Council invites Petersfield residents and Businesses to brighten up the town with their displays.


Our WINNING entry for the SOLO category is Jacky Strawbridge who produced this stunning basket arragement.  Judges also loved the simplicity of the Downs House entry which is awarded HIGHLY COMMENDED.


Rowlands Funeral Directors come FIRST in our MULTI category putting on another wonderful display in their courtyard.  Our HIGHLY COMMENDED is from Keith Whitcombe who the judges felt made an attractive and inventive display, making good use of limited space.


ALL judges were in agreement that DOWNS HOUSE should WIN the UNUSUAL CONTAINER category – the back story was fascinating and the end result eerily lifelike!  HIGHLY COMMENDED goes to Lyn Colbeck for her topical, inventive and attractive display!

We look forward to presenting ALL WINNERS with their WINNERS PLAQUES in the very near future!

Competition Entries!

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry into the 2021 competition!  We hope that you enjoyed taking part and we look forward to welcoming you back again next year!

Winton House Garden (solo)

Rowlands Funeral Services (multi)

Steep House Gardening Club (unusual)

Winton House Garden (multi)

Keith Whitcombe (multi)

Jacky Strawbridge (solo)

Lyn Colbeck (unusual)

Rose Turner (multi)

Petersfield Bookshop (multi)

Jacky Strawbridge (multi)

Steep House Gardening Club (Solo)

Steep House Gardening Club (Multi)

Downs House Gardening Club (Solo)

Our Solo entry was one of our many containers used in our display, the ladies though this one was the best.

Downs House Gardening Club (Unusual)

Darby & Joan Topless

It is inspired by the term Darby and Joan which was commonly used in the UK to denote a devoted old couple who are living out their retirement years in quiet, if impoverished, contentment. proverbial phrase for a married couple content to share a quite life of mutual devotion. Which we thought was quite fitting. The use declined somewhat towards the end of the 20th century but is still used, notably in the name of the numerous Darby and Joan old people’s social clubs which still flourish.

Old Darby, with Joan by his side, You’ve often regarded with wonder: He’s dropsical, she is sore-eyed, Yet they’re never happy asunder. There doesn't appear to be any real evidence linking either Darby or Woodfall to the phrase, apart from the coincidence of the names of Darby and his wife. Whatever the origin, the imagery of a devoted old couple, living out their twilight years, has survived. It is probably best known via the classic Hammerstein and Kern song The Folks Who Live on the Hill, 1937: We'll sit and look at the same old view, Just we two. Darby and Joan who used to be Jack and Jill, The folks who like to be called, What they have always been called, "The folks who live on the hill". In Peggy Lee's classic recording of this song, in 1957, 'Baby and Joe' is substituted for 'Darby and Joan'. Although initially an English term, 'Darby and Joan' was known and used in the USA well before 1957, so it isn't clear why the names were changed.

Downs House Gardening Club (Multi)

Our display which we were torn between entering into the multi or unusual container category was inspired and created by residents in the Downs House gardening club. This insighted talking points, reminiscence and creativity.

Our other entries are our Strawberry patch for the multi category, we also have tomatoes, potatoes, radishes & beans, I included a picture of one of our potato harvests.

Ramscote Sheltered Housing Scheme (Multi)

St Laurence's R C Church (Multi)

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