As of 1st April 2019 Ian Baker of the Plump Duck Cafe will officially take over operation of the boathouse.  The original jetty is being dismantled and a new one will take its
place by the end of April, in time for the new boating season.

Ian Baker & Ryan Heppell outside the boat-shed at Petersfield Heath Lake


The new management will also see the introduction of pedalo’s for the first time, which we hope prove to be popular.

Find out more about Petersfield Boats.












Five year plan of Coppicing around the Heath.

So, what is Coppicing?

Coppicing is a traditional method of woodland management which exploits the capacity of many species of trees to put out new shoots from their stump or roots if cut down. In a coppiced wood, which is called a copse, young tree stems are repeatedly cut down to near ground level, resulting in a stool. New growth emerges and after a number of years, the coppiced tree is harvested and the cycle begins anew. Pollarding is a similar process carried out at a higher level on the tree.

Heath Pond Coppicing (Year 4) Plan

2020 will see us start with year 4 of our coppicing plan.

Work to be done:

  • Reduce hedge leading to Plump Duck from Sussex Rd.
  • Coppice all Goat willows on water’s edge leading up to ditch before Sussex Rd Car Park.
  • Take out 2 small oaks on bank (please see pics 1 and 2)
  • Clip and prune up weeping willow (pic 3)
  • Cut down all the Rhododendrons along Sussex Rd bank up to ditch (pic 4)
  • Take down dead trees along Sussex rd path (pic 5)



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