Petersfield's Town Crier

Petersfield Town Crier, Faye Thompson

Allow us to introduce Faye Thompson, who is the new official town crier of Petersfield and an active member of the local community.  During her time in Petersfield Faye has become well-known for her passion and enthusiasm for the town and its people.

As the official town crier, Faye will be responsible for making important announcements and declarations on behalf of the town council and other community organisations.  She will also act as an ambassador for Petersfield promoting the town and its events to visitors and tourists.

Faye has a deep love and appreciation for the history and traditions of Petersfield and is excited to serve as the town crier.  Her passion for community involvement and her strong communications skills make her an excellent choice for this important role.

We are thrilled to welcome Faye as Petersfield’s new town crier, and we look forward to hearing her ring her bell and deliver her messages throughout the town.

"I feel very honoured and privileged to hold this position and my aim is to help in any way I can to bring the community together through good communication."

Find out how Faye was selected as Petersfield's very first town crier.

“Oyez, oyez, oyez!”

This is the call or cry of the town crier, now usually only heard at ceremonials, fetes and local events.  It would however have been a common cry on the streets of medieval England.

‘Oyez’ (pron ‘oh yay’) comes from the French Ouir (‘to listen) and means “Hear ye”.  The town crier would be gin their cry with these words, accompanied by the ringing of a large hand bell to attract attention.  It was the job of the crier to inform the townspeople of the latest news, proclamations, bylaws and any other important information.

The cry would then end with the words, ‘God save the King’ or ‘God save the Queen.’

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