Planning Committee

Planning Committee

The Council’s planning committee meets roughly every three weeks throughout the year, all councillors are invited to attend, we are asked to review all the documents which have been supplied with their associated planning applications which are available for all to see on the Southdowns National Park Authority website, the size of these applications vary from 3 pages to 100 or more.

As committee members we are asked to provide a planning opinion on every Petersfield Application.

Each year these applications vary so we could be asked to review documents for new houses, new supermarkets, alterations and extensions to current properties, applications which alter trees plus new green applications for heat pumps or solar panels and many more varieties of planning applications.

Our committee aim to support local businesses and the residents of Petersfield on applications which benefit Petersfield and must consider the Petersfield Neighbourhood plan on each and every one.  At times we find applications go against planning regulations so we need to submit a detailed objection in planning terms to the local planning authority.

Our aim is to make the right decision for the residents of Petersfield.

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