Petersfield Skatepark

Petersfield skatepark was designed and built by Wheelscape, opening in 2010. It can be found off Love Lane and features a street section and a bowl as well.

The street section here starts on one side with a quarter pipe that leads into a double ledge set and following this is a wave ledge. After these is a flat rail next to a flat bank on a raised level that has a ledge and manny pad on top and a flat bank leading down to the lower level. The run then finishes with a flat bank with euro gap and rail.

The back of this section is where the bowl starts. It is a large bowl with a rectangular section and a more open, wider section joined onto it. Along the edges are multiple hips and corners and in the centre is a large pump bump. There is metal coping around the edges and an extension on one side that extends around the sides.

Petersfield skatepark is a great local park with a bit of something for everyone. The two sections are well designed and separate to prevent clashes. There are a lot of bumps and corners to pump around in the bowl and the street section has a decent selection. Overall, this is a good place for beginners and experienced skaters alike.

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