Herbert (Bertie) Newman Collard, born 1880

Petersfield Town Council bequeathed Fruit Farm's Chartered Fabric

In June 2022 Thomas & Dorothy Newman-Collard, who still live at Palmers Farm in Liss (formerley Whangarei Fruit Farm), brought this historic charter fabric to the Town Hall for safe-keeping.

The fabric was uncovered when the couple were going through an old trunk in their loft.

Herbert, affectionately known as ‘Bertie’ – was once a senior council member of Petersfield’s Urban District Council.


Originally from Kent, Bertie came to Churcher’s College and remained in the area until his death.


By the time Bertie died he owned 800 acres of land including five farms.

We hope people enjoy it and find it interesting.

The fabric was taken home by Bertie to safeguard it from the German invasion.

Thomas & Dorothy also spoke of the five German prisoners of war who lived in huts under the railway bridge on Warren Road, where fruit pickers had lived.

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