Focus on Renewable Energy

Energy Statement Success

Members received and noted the annual fuel mix statement from Haven Power for electricity supply to the Town Hall

Members were pleased to note that the electricity supply was entirely 100% from renewable sources for the 12 months ending 31st March 2020 and that this fits with the Town Council’s Climate Emergency Strategy.

Finance & General Purposes – February 2021

Energy Survey for Festival Hall

Within the context of the proposed redevelopment of the Festival Hall members had decided to investigate the possibilities for improving the building’s energy use and emissions, over and above the base level BREEM survey as part of RIBA stage 3.  The energy survey is to provide a range of interventions from the cheapest and easiest to a full intervention.  The aim would be to dovetail the agreed energy reduction measures alongside the refurbishment of the building.

Full Council – February 2021

New Energy Contracts

Petersfield Town Council have sourced electricity supply contracts for the Avenue Pavilion and Heath Toilets, both from ‘green energy.’

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