Petersfield Town Council is pleased to announce that contracts have been exchanged for its purchase of additional public open space.

The Council has purchased approximately 35 acres of land situated to the rear of the Causeway Farm development site and Sussex Road at a cost of £275,000 with completion of the transaction expected towards the end of January 2019.  The purchase has been funded from the proceeds it received from the sale of land at Penns Field for housing development.  This land was designated within the Petersfield Neighbourhood Plan as ‘proposed designated green space’ and demonstrates the Council’s tangible commitment to delivering the policies and aspirations of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Initially, the council plans to develop the site into a Country Park allowing native wild flowers to flourish in a meadow type of environment whilst enhancing the footpath access to the land that currently exists.  In the short term, fencing and gates on the site will be either repaired or replaced, as appropriate to facilitate and enhance movement around the site for the public and for ongoing maintenance.

The Council recognises the importance of this site historically as well as wishing to protect it for future generations to enjoy its flora and fauna.  The site provides wonderful access to the downs and hangers around the town and offers tremendous potential as a venue for both residents and visitors alike to come and enjoy our marvelous town.

The Town Mayor, Cllr Mrs Hilary Ayer said, “ It is really good news that The Council now has the opportunity to develop this piece land into a green space that we all can enjoy. Wild flower meadows are becoming rare but I remember them well from my childhood. I think the young people of today will find it very exciting discovering the joys of walking through a wild flower meadow and discovering new flowers and realising what a special place it will become for bugs and insects and crawling things they have not seen before.”

The previous Town Mayor, Cllr Jamie Matthews who was instrumental in initiating the purchase of the land aid, “The Neighbourhood Plan set out our vision for Petersfield and that includes bringing the Downs right into the heart of Town by safeguarding the green corridors in and out of Petersfield. I’m delighted that following almost of year of hard negotiations that the Council has been able secure this ecologically important and beautiful area for the benefit of the community and it’s future generations.

The Chairman of the Grounds Committee, Cllr Mrs Lesley Farrow said “We have to thank Jamie Matthews and his vision for the town that we were able to secure this lovely piece of land for future generations to enjoy without the risk of it being developed.”


Causeway Field Boundary Marked in Blue

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