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On Saturday 19th October 2019 a further consultation event is being held in The Festival Hall concerning the proposed redevelopment and improvements to the building.  This will enable the Council to extend and enhance the services and facilities available to residents and provide a public building of which the community can be proud that will be fit to serve them for the next 50 years.

The Consultation is being held in the Festival Hall from 10.00a.m. until 3.00p.m. and all members of the public are invited to attend to give their views on the proposed plans before the Council makes a final decision on the extent of the development project.  The architects, Foster Wilson will be present as will the Business Consultant, Chis Moore from ACL Consultancy who have been working with the Council in formulating the current proposals and designs.

The Festival Hall was constructed by public subscription in 1934 as a ‘home’ for the Petersfield Musical Festival.  The most recent major upgrade to the building was undertaken in the 1980’s when the Rose Room and Green Room were constructed along with additional improvements to changing and performance facilities ( https://www.petersfield-tc.gov.uk/the-festival-hall/ ) .  With the wooden extension to the building now being no longer weatherproof and fit for purpose, the time is right to review the building and the facilities it contains to make sure that it is fully compliant with current regulations and provides a base for a significantly wider variety of  artistic and performance activities for all ages that are desired by the local community and will remain a vibrant and integral focal point for these activities for years to come.

The Town Mayor, Cllr Mrs Lesley Farrow said “The Festival Hall is a vital part of our community and the people of Petersfield are incredibly fortunate to have a facility of this nature within the town.  It is incumbent on the Council to ensure that the Hall continues to provide the facilities needed to serve the community and leave a lasting legacy for future generations to enjoy.”

Details of the proposed plans can be viewed on the Town Council web site at https://www.petersfield-tc.gov.uk/projects/festival-hall/ .

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