How does Petersfield Town Council get its income?

We receive money from the residents of Petersfield via Council Tax Payments.  East Hampshire District Council collects the Council tax and pays the Town Council, this is called a precept payment.  Other income is received from grants, letting of offices and buildings.

Who decides how much the precept will be?

All 12 Town Councillors decide on how much the precept request should be.  However the process starts with the Town Council Financial Officers, who provide a draft budget.  A Budget Committee, and then the Finance & General Purposes Committee review and amend the budget as they see fit before being presented to the Full Council.

Can I see the budget?

The budget is available on our website and in the annual report or hard copies can be requested from the Town Hall Office.

If I have any questions about the budget who can I ask?

Your local Councillor or the Town Clerk who is the Responsible Financial Officer.

Key facts that were considered by the council when setting this year’s budget

•  The Council no longer receives the Council Tax Support Grant of £35,124.00 from East Hampshire District Council.  The Town Council has not increased its precept by this amount the cover this loss of income.

•  The Tourist Information Centre (now the Town Visitor Centre) was saved from closure by the Town Council after it used its reserves to fund the service last year.  The cost of running this service is £46,500.00 which is 7.75% of the Councils total precept request.

•  The Council have awarded Petersfield Museum a grant of £50,000 a year for three years starting 2018/19.

•  The total precept payment request for the year 2019/20 is £634,522.00.

•  The total cost to a band D household will be £111.67, which is an extra 79p per month increase over the 10 monthly council tax payments.

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