Residents of Petersfield, we want to hear your GOOD NEWS stories!

The Coronavirus crisis has been an extremely difficult time for everyone, but we know that it has brought our community together in many ways.  We want to try and highlight the positives that have come from this otherwise rather depressing situation.

Who has been your COVID HERO during this lock-down?

Who has been there to SUPPORT you and your family?

Who has gone that EXTRA MILE to make this difficult situation easier for you?

Help us spread some POSITIVITY by sharing with us your tales of your unsung hero.

Someone who deserves recognition however big or small their contribution, knowing they have made a difference.

Bridget West wants to thank Julie West and Karen White for shopping for her and also thanks to Blue Birds.

Eileen Fell would like to thank Harriet Wood and partner James for doing her shopping, always being happy and cheerful.

Rob Holland wants to thank Muj Miah or the Malabon Restaurant for remaining open for business.  Muj responded by saying that he and his team have worked extremely hard.  Muj wanted to particularly thanks his good friend Jimmy Johnston.

Lynne Morgan says they’ve been really grateful for Dom’s work at The Townhouse. “It’s been great nipping down a couple of times a week to get some draught beers. We see he’s now doing burgers too! Really, well done…the work NOT the burgers!”

Sarah Anne wants to give a mention to Petersfield Community Garden.

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