PASH - Petersfield Area Super Homes

As the nation prepares for a hike in energy bills this winter, people are being encouraged to make changes to their home in a bid to reduce their energy use and their carbon emissions.

Now, a project run by local charity Petersfield Climate Action Network (PeCAN) is giving homeowners the opportunity to have an assessment on their home to help reduce their carbon footprint as well as their household bills, while maintaining a warm and comfortable home.

The Petersfield Area Super Homes (PASH) project runs across East Hampshire and into West Sussex, including Midhurst and the surrounding villages.

There is a cost associated with the project however there are price reductions available depending on the size of your home and your financial circumstances.  

The project, which is funded by the National Energy Foundation (NEF) involves having a Whole House Retrofit Plan carried out on your home to enable you to see what changes you could make to reduce your carbon footprint.

A professional retrofit coordinator will come to your home and carry out an independent, impartial assessment looking at things such as loft insulation, double glazing, ventilation, cavity wall insulation, installing solar panels and getting a heat pump.

Patricia Exley, project officer for PASH, said: “Climate change has hit the headlines in recent months, not just due to the soaring energy bills but most recently with the heatwave which saw record temperatures and fires breaking out in some parts of the country.

“Now is the time for change and one of the best ways we can collectively make a difference is by reducing our energy consumption at home.

“Here in the UK we have some of the most poorly insulated and least energy efficient homes in Europe.

“Having an assessment on your home will enable you to make a decision about the best ways to not only reduce your monthly bills but your carbon footprint too.”

If you would like to find out more about a Whole House Retrofit Plan, please email superhomes@petersfieldcan.org or visit petersfieldcan.org.

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