With a distinctive voice and a heart full of pride, Faye Thompson rang her bell and boomed her way into crier history.

A Triumph for Tradition and Community

The National Town Criers’ Competition has been a longstanding tradition, celebrating the art of town crying and the unique cultural heritage associated with it.  Town criers from across the UK gather to showcase their vocal prowess, vibrant regalia, and the stories that make their towns special.

Hometown Hero

Faye Thompson’s participation in the competition was a moment of pride for Petersfield.  As she belted out her cries, she not only represented the town but also celebrated its rich history and unique character.  With a voice that could reach every corner of any market square, she shared the warmth and community spirit that defines Petersfield.

Her cries spoke of Petersfield’s rolling farmland, its charming market days and links to wool trade.


A Resounding Success

Faye’s outstanding performance earned her recognition, not only for her vocal abilities but also for her heartfelt representation of Petersfield.  Petersfield has a remarkable ambassador in Faye Thompson.

A Town Crier’s Legacy

Faye Thompson’s participation in the 70th National Town Criers’ Competition marked a historic first for Petersfield, leaving a lasting legacy.  Her success highlighted the importance of tradition and community in a rapidly changing world.

In the end, it didn’t matter if Faye Thompson took home the ultimate prize; her participation was a victory in itself.  She brough the heart of Petersfield to a national stage, reminding everyone of the power of a town crier’s call and the enduring spirit of a close-knit community.

"As Petersfield's Town Crier I was delighted to represent Petersfield and Hampshire in Rye, East Sussex on Saturday 14 October. It was their first time and mine, so quite daunting for me! The Mayor and towns folk embraced us with great warmth and generosity and made it a real occasion with drumming and bagpipes; we walked through the cobbled streets to a rapturous crowd of tourists and media, the actual competition was incredible, a huge crow gathered. It was a special moment in my life as I threw my arms out and bellowed Oyez, Oyez, Oyez! On the podium I was so proud of representing my home town in Petersfield, it was all about having this wonderful opportunity for the first time."

And the bells they rang from dawn to dusk!

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