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Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Petersfield Town Mayor’s Youth Democracy Initiative

In a heartwarming and forward-thinking move, Petersfield Town Mayor, Cllr J C Crissey, has launched an initiative aimed at involving local school children in the democratic process.  The program has already started to create waves of enthusiasm among young minds in the community.

As part of this program, students from Herne Junior School were recently invited to step into the shoes of local councillors.  The town hall chambers, usually reserved for discussions that shape the town’s future, transformed into a platform for these young leaders to share their ideas and concerns.  They not only held a council meeting but were also provided with their own meeting agenda items.

Cllr Crissey’s dedication to this initiative shines through in his willingness to go the extra mile.  He has expressed a strong desire to visit schools personally or invite students to the town hall itself, creating opportunities for them to experience what it means to be part of the council.  This hands-on approach underscores the importance of engaging children in the democratic process and nurturing their sense of civic responsibility.

Cllr Crissey’s vision for the ‘Youth Local Democracy Programme’ is clear – to excite the young people of the community and inspire them to become active participants in decisions that affect their lives.  This initiative isn’t just about teaching civics; it’s about empowering the next generation to have a say in their future.

The benefits of such a program are manifold.  It encourages critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving skills in children.  It fosters an early understanding of the importance of local government and civic engagement.  Furthermore, it creates a sense of inclusivity, as children’s voices are given a platform to be heard.

In a world where young minds are often underestimated, Petersfield’s initiative sets a positive precedent.  It showcases the belief that children can be powerful agents of change and that they have the potential to influence the decisions that will shape their community.

As we witness the success of the Youth Local Democracy and the children of Herne Junior School taking their first steps as council members, we can’t help but feel hopeful.

This initiative reminds us that the future of our town lies in the hands of our children.

Please find below links to the student council agenda and their subsequent meeting minutes.

Petersfield Post

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Thursday, October 19 2023

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  1. Andrew says:

    Brilliant, intuitive, by Mayor. A benchmark set. Hope inspired.

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