We’re thrilled to announce that you can see all our wonderful #PIB2020 entries in their very own 2021 Calendar!  NOW ON SALE at Petersfield Town Visitor Centre.

front cover of the 2021 children's collage competition calendar

Children’s Collage Competition – 2021 Calendar


Petersfield Town Mayor, Cllr Lesley Farrow loved all your the entries and found it extremely difficult to choose her favourites.
Councillor Farrow would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL the entrants for their hard work.

We hope you enjoyed your moment of creativity and that maybe this exercise has inspired you!

Millie Mary Watkins, Winner 0-5 Category
Matthew Law, Highly Commended 0-5 Category
Isabel Thomas, Winner 6-10 Category
Tilly Titheridge, Highly Commended 6-10 Category
Imogen Belcher, Winner 11+ Category
Thomas Law, Highly Commended 11+ Category


photo of Isabel and Alice Thomas

Isabel Thomas – Age 7 – Winner 6-10 – Sister Alice pictured holding the winning image of the printed mosaic flowers.


photo of Matthew Law

Matthew Law – Age 5 – Highly Commended 0-5. Flower garden and wildlife pond inspired by learning about mini-beasts during lock-down.


photo of Thomas Law

Thomas law – Age 11 – Highly Commended 11+. Flower collage created by Thomas using photographs that he took on walks during lock-down.


photo of Millie Mary Watkins with her Mum

Millie Mary Watkins (with Mum) age 4 – Winner 0-5. Painted in the garden using cotton wool to dab the petals and her own brush technique for the leaves. Millie loves to smell flowers and bright summer colours.


photo of Imogen Belcher

Imogen Belcher – Age 13 – Winner 11+. During lockdown Imogen learnt to ride her bike, so she cycled around Petersfield and took photographs in 26 roads, each road began with a different letter of the alphabet (she had to use her imagination for V (LoVe Lane), X (SusseX Gardens) & Z (HaZelbank Close)!! She then created the collage by surrounding a map of Petersfield with the photos she had taken, and then linked each photo to the road it was taken in using rainbow coloured thread, which was chosen in reference to all the rainbows displayed in windows because of Coronavirus and as a special thank you to all key workers. Lots of fun was had doing this, and we are pleased with the final result.


photo of Tilly Titheridge and her mum

Tilly Titheridge (with Mum) – Age 7 – Highly Commended. The collage was designed and made by Tilly Titheridge using tissue paper and flower petals. The picture represents a lily pond Tilly visits on her daily dog walks.




flower fairy collage using pressed petals

Emily Law – Age 8


flower collage using coloured tissue paper and sequins

Matthew Law – Age 5


flower collage using photographs of various summer flowers

Thomas Law – Age 11


flower photos linked to a map of where they were found around the town

Imogen Belcher – Age 13


colourful tissue paper flowers on sugar paper lilly pads

Tilly Titheridge – Age 7


multi media collage including photos and hand drawn flowers

Maximillian Souter – Age 10


flowering tree on rainbow background

Eva Greenslade – Age 7


red flowers against a blue sunny sky created with a stamper

Isabel Thomas – Age 7


Brightly coloured tissue paper flowers

Robert Davis – Age 9


Fuzzy felt flower garden with butterflies

Alice Thomas – Age 6


hand drawn garden in coloured pencils with birds, bugs and flowers. embellished with jewels.

Claudia Clark – Age 9


painted flowers with daubed petals and a different painting technique for the leaves

Millie Mary Watkins – Age 4


collage of things found around the heath such as twigs, leaves and a snail shell

Finn Brickley – Age 2½


In addition to this year’s extraordinary PETERSFIELD IN BLOOM competition we are inviting children to design a collage with the theme of PETERSFIELD IN BLOOM. This can include any mixed media material of your choice.

Please email images of your completed designs to with the reference subject ‘KIDS PIB2020’.

Why not share your design on Twitter? #KIDSPIB2020 tagging us @Petersfield_TC so we can share your wonderful designs with the Twittersphere!

When emailing your submissions please provide us with your name and age category, 0-5, 6-10 or 11+

You may include a short paragraph to tell us about your artwork.

So, what are you waiting for?  GET CREATIVE!

(Dear parent or carer – you must be happy for your child’s name and artwork to be share on the Petersfield Town Council’s website and social media).

Deadline 1 July 2020

petersfield in bloom collage competition poster

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