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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

Petersfield Town Council are acutely aware that life for everyone will become more difficult in the immediate future as a result of this pandemic.  The Council will continue to provide community services as far as is possible in the light of continuing Central Government advice or instruction.

The Council’s role in this unprecedented situation is to act as a community enabler and it is committed to provide support, wherever possible, as the community comes together to support each other and, in particular, those residents who are vulnerable or self-isolating.

We will work with a variety of community groups and, as needs are identified and resources required are established we will inform the community of what support and help is available.

Although the Town Hall is now closed to non-essential visitors, you can still contact the Council through website, Facebook and telephone.

All councillors and staff are committed to doing what they can to support and help people within the community through this most difficult time.

Please see our dedicated COVID-19 RESPONSE page which will be updated regularly as information is added or changes.

Cllr Lesley Farrow

Petersfield Town Mayor

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