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Fairtrade Fortnight 24th Feb – 8th Mar 2020

What is Fairtrade Fortnight?

For two weeks each year thousands of individuals, companies and groups across the UK come together to share the stories of the people who grow our food and drinks and who grow the cotton in our clothes, people who are often exploited and underpaid.

Find out more about 25 years of Fairtrade trademark.

This year’s theme is ‘Chocolate’

Here’s their short film ‘The Story of Chocolate: Unwrapping the Bar’ which tells the story of how chocolate is made. It highlights the unfairness to the farmers who grow the crops and live in poverty and shows how Fairtrade helps them to improve their lives and cope with environmental changes and so try to ensure that cocoa production is sustainable.

Fairtrade is about ‘community’, local and global.  See how getting involved in your local community can support farmers around the world.

Petersfield first became a Fairtrade town in June 2008

For more information or if you want to get involved email – follow them on twitter @FTPetersfield.

The Coop is a keen supporter of Fairtrade and their Express Store in Moggs Mead usually stocks Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Bananas, Wine and Flowers.  Waitrose, M&S, Tesco and The Bran Tub are also stockists of Fairtrade.

Fairtrade Chocolate is available at Oxfam Petersfield.

Rainbows in Pages Court stocks Clothes, Jewellery, Accessories and Gifts – most of which is Fairtrade and ethically sourced.

When Fairtrade Petersfield’s last survey was conducted, The Plump Duck, Cafe Mezzo , Chinwags, The Natural Food Deli and Greggs offered Fairtrade hot drinks.

If you have seen Fairtrade being sold somewhere else locally Fairtrade Petersfield would love to hear about it.  St Mary’s in Sheet has a board where you can record your findings.

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