Anne-Marie brings an intermediate level Pilates class to the Avenue.  Anne-Marie is also an osteopath, whose interest lies in helping to correct alignment and encourage freedom of movement throughout the spine, as well as building core strength to create stability.

Booking is via her website and clients do need to call me before booking a class in order to clear a health check and register their interest.  T. 08736 792303 W. http://www.amsivyer.co.uk/


Matthew Powell brings Karate to the Avenue through September.

Matt, believes that Karate should be Energised, alive and have personality.

He is passionate about training, studying and delivering classes that challenge all present both physically and mentally. Equally he insists that karate should be FUN!

Find out more details on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/petersfieldkarateclub and if you would like to pledge your interest you can contact Matt E. matt@petersfieldkarate.co.uk

Both of these news ventures are subject to change under changing covid guidelines, but both are also hoping to continue these classes if there is sufficient interest so do contact them to express your interest.


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