From here you can view, download and print a copy of our policies:

1. General Council Policies and Information

1. Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy
2. Code of Members Conduct
3. Community Engagement Strategy
4. Complaints Procedure
5. Councillor Privacy Notice
6. Disciplinary Procedure
7. GDPR policies:
8. Grievance Procedure
9. Guide to Colour coding for minutes
10. Health & Safety Policy
11. List of acronyms
12. List of Council Members (Note: Councillor’s email addresses will be:
13. List of Councils’ Responsibilities (including HCC and EHDC)
14. List of Council staff
15. List of representation to Town Council and outside bodies
16. Media & Social Policy
17. Parish Warding Arrangements for Petersfield
18. Petersfield Neighbourhood Plan
19. Policy and Protocol for Recording, Photography and use of Social Media at meeting of the Council
20. Protocol for Councillor/Officer Relations
21. Publication Scheme
22. Risk Management Policy
23. Staff Panel Terms of Reference
24. Standing Orders
25. Schedule of Meetings 2021/2022
26. Town Mayor Handover Notes- prepared by Cllr J Deane – April 2017
27. Whistle-blowing Policy
28. Climate Emergency Strategy
29. Epidemic or Serious Infections Policy

2. Finance and General Purposes

1. Annual Budget 2019/20
2. Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2019/20
3. Contract Standing Orders
4. Document Retention Policy
5. Financial and General Purposes Committee Terms of Reference
6. Finance and Investment Policy
7. Financial Regulations
8. Financial Strategy
9. Policy for the Provision of Grant Aid
10. Virement Policy
11. Use of Credit Card Policy

3. Grounds

1. Allotment Policy- Keeping Bees
2. Allotment Policy- Keeping hens
3. Allotment Policy- Sheds, Greenhouses, Bonfires
4. Anti-Social Behaviour Policy
5. Fitness Groups Policy
6. Ground Committee Terms of Reference
7. Grounds Maintenance Maps:
8. Heath Charity – Memorandum of Understanding Relating to the Management and Maintenance of the Heath 2016
9. Heath – Memorandum of Understanding between Petersfield Town Council and the Friends of Petersfield Heath amendment agreed Nov 2019
10. Heath Rules
11. High Meadow Charity Management Document
12. Management Plans:
13. Open Space Hiring Regulations
14. Play Strategy
15. Personal Protective Equipment Policy
16. Policy for Council Owned Land in Petersfield
17. Policy for Grounds Committee
18. Terms of Reference: Friends of Petersfield Heath
19. Pesticides Policy

4. Planning

1. Planning Committee Terms of Reference

5. Public Halls

1. Festival Hall Price List- Commercial Hirers (refer Halls Manager)
2. Festival Hall Price List- Non- Commercial Hirers (refer Halls Manager)
3. Fire Safety Policy
4. Outside Bodies Free Use of Halls
5. Hiring Regulations for the Festival Hall
6. Hiring Regulations for the Avenue Pavilion
7. Price List
8. Public Halls Committee Terms of Reference
9. Public Halls Policy
10. Town Mayor’s Free Use of Halls Policy
11. Public Halls Policy

6. Town Development

1. Town Development Committee Terms of Reference

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