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A range of temporary changes are being made across the county to provide more road space for people walking and cycling – keeping a safe social distance as they begin to go back to work and school after the Coronavirus lockdown. Further schemes are in development to support retail spaces which mean taking traffic and parking out of our town centres to create space. These plans are being developed with Hampshire’s district and borough councils, Business Improvement Districts, town and parish councils, and other organisations who have expressed an interest.

Petersfield – The Spine (Lavant, Chapel, The Square, High Street) – Reallocation of parking to give more space to pedestrians coupled with information signing along this area. It is also envisaged that new cycle stands will be introduced in Market Square, so cyclists have an area to park and secure their bicycles. A closure of Swan Street between High Street and Chapel Street to allow access only for buses.

Hampshire County Council supports safe shopping in Petersfield with COVID-19 social distancing scheme.

Residents and businesses can email with any feedback.

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17 Replies to “Temporary Town Arrangements for Covid-19”

  1. Moira Johnson says:

    Rather belated pandemic measures of pedestrian distancing given priority over car parking. They are nonetheless welcome.
    Those with disabilities face no changes.

  2. peter Goodman says:

    Great to see some encouragement for more cycling into the town.

    • Michele soden says:

      I hope cyclist will stick to the rules and cycle on the roads and cycle paths. Not on pavements. Obey the traffic lights and other laws which apply to those on wheels. I have noticed in the past that cyclists are totally lawless…..Pedestrians are being over looked. Where do they walk?

  3. M Fellows says:

    In the interest of public hygiene now that so many more people are visiting the Heath and its pond and with many more children using the play reas I strongly advise you to get your act together and reopen the toilets by the cafe.
    Frankly this ought to have been done rather the time other councils opened theirs which was at least 10 days ago.

    Why are you being so dilatory?

    Please reply to Michael Fellows, email Thank you.

    • Kathryn Ellis-Blandford says:

      We have responded.

      • Kat Layard says:

        And what was the response? We are hoping to bring my 93 year old Mum (who hasn’t been out for 4 months) to the heath this weekend but she will need a toilet.

        • Kathryn Ellis-Blandford says:

          Environmental Health have yet to give us their decision so if this is going to be an issue for your mother then I would advise waiting until the situation changes. Thank you.

  4. Kat says:

    Hi – tried to send a response but not sure if it posted. I was wondering what the reply was to the above post as we are hoping to come to the heath at the weekend with my 93 year old Mum who will need a toilet. My e-mail is

    • Kathryn Ellis-Blandford says:

      Hi Kat, I believe we responded by email. Just to confirm that the Heath toilets have now reopened.

  5. C Tomlin says:

    Are the toilets at the pond open or closed. What are all the children doing for toilet facilities and the customers of the cafe?

  6. CM says:

    Is The Festival Hall Covid-secure, so it can be hired please?

  7. Steve Sargent says:

    This travesty has disfigured the town centre for too long, and is based on non-existent ‘Covid’ reasons. A couple of days ago, only 0.25% of the East Hampshire population were currently suffering from Covid* – just 282 people, most of whom were either in the other EH towns, or in hospital, or self isolating. The chance of catching Covid in the street is immeasurably small.
    Meanwhile, shops are closing down and diverted cars are going the wrong way round the square and mounting pavements in Sheep Street and St. Peter’s Road, causing danger to pedestrians.
    We need to know:
    …when will the ‘temporary’ period end?
    …what is the current justification for keeping the scheme in place, given the low and falling infection rate, and the failure of the scheme to make any difference to infection rates in the autumn?
    …how does the council justify the additional traffic danger and pollution caused by the scheme?
    …how and when can we see the results of the consultation exercise?

    *ref: King’s College London ZOE Covid study, with over 4,500 East Hampshire participants.

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